Since 2014, Maple Leaf Daycare has provided home childcare services in Northern Virginia.  We are conveniently located in McLean, Virginia, approximately one-half mile inside the beltway, near the Tyson’s and Langley areas.  Our facilities include a dedicated space of over 500 square feet, which includes a play pen, walker, high chair, infant changing area, child tables and chairs and various age-appropriate toys and books for infants, toddlers and preschool age children.  We also feature a large backyard, which includes a play-set with swings, slides and a sandbox.

The proprietor, Janet Maples, is a licensed Fairfax County provider, an experienced mother of four school-age children, and is first aid, CPR and AED certified.  Beverly Roberts, who provides back-up and supplemental care in the event of doctor’s appointments, scheduled vacations or other similar absences, is an experienced mother of two, who also obtained her Fairfax County provider license in 2014.  For more information or to schedule a visit, please contact Janet at: pdjanet@yahoo.com or 703-942-6471.